Have you started a new HR position? Are you somewhat new to the field of Human Resources? Have you been in the HR field and wish you had some subject matter experts to speak with regarding your HR projects, initiatives, programs and/or policies? Maybe you’re looking for HR career advice too? How many times during your career have you wished that you had some experienced colleagues to speak with regarding your HR undertakings? Isn’t it more comforting and a little less scary with a helping hand and a reassuring voice to support you? In our continuing quest to be the trusted resource for the HR professional, CRHRA strives to provide members with the resources they need to solve problems like these. Sometimes, the perfect resource is our members.  

CRHRA’s HR Advisory Group consists of local, seasoned (20+ years of experience) Human Resources professionals, in a variety of industries, who are here to provide advice and guidance, whether your concern is a practical workplace issue or a matter of your personal career development. This group of HR professionals can share personal insights and provide guidance and support to help establish and reach your professional goals. These mentors can often serve as a teacher, coach, supporter, counselor, and role model. We can also provide our members with how to apply real-life wisdom, and the benefit of each participant’s point of view, to workplace situations and/or career development. Regardless of age or career tenure, we believe that all CRHRA members have something to offer each other.  

This benefit provides you the opportunity and resources as a member of CRHRA to seek guidance and is easily accessible! Many of our advisors can be found at our monthly programs.

Thank you for your interest in

asking our experts at CRHRA.





DISCLAIMER:  We are pleased to provide information regarding best practices and strategies in Human Resources, but please note that we cannot provide legal advice and cannot substitute for consultation with legal counsel.  Before taking any human resources action, we strongly recommend you consult with your employer's attorney.