Dear CRHRA Membership,

The past week has been one of public anguish and anger over the recent death of George Floyd as well as Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery to name a few. They are recent examples of racism, prejudice, and injustice that have marked the experience of Black and African American people and communities in our society for generations.

No person, no organization, no part of American life is unaffected by these events. When the standard of equality is not realized in our communities, the results often reach into our workplaces. As HR professionals, the equal treatment of our people is part of our calling. CRHRA stands with those calling for an end to racial inequality.

CHRHA acknowledges and respects the pain, anger, and anxiety you, your employees and your co-workers are experiencing. These heavy and complicated emotions impact the workplace, both as broader cultural forces and in the hearts and minds of the individuals that make up those workplaces. HR professionals will be looked to for guidance.

CRHRA is committed to helping you, your organizations, and your employees navigate the unprecedented challenges facing us. In partnership with SHRM, NYS SHRM, and the many organizations with which we work, CRHRA will provide resources and education designed to create better workplaces and equip you with the tools to address the issues facing your employees. As a first step, we have begun to compile useful resources, folder which can be found here.

It is our sincere hope and belief that these trying times will result in communities and workplaces that are better, stronger, and more fully embrace the unique gifts of all people.

CRHRA Board of Directors